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    Quote on default ecard: Who rules the joker
and commands the ace.

NFA. Quote on default ecard: I would kiss you so hard right now! Quote on default ecard: I don't regret burning my bridges,
I regret that some people
weren't still on those
fucking bridges when i
burnt them. Quote on default ecard: The Lost girl Quote on default ecard: Wicked chickens lay deviled eggs. Quote on default ecard: The only excuse for the kinds of
storms we've been experiencing
is that someone,
is losing a game 
of Call the dr pepper I have the case of pop Quote on default ecard: Autismland is where you wish your
child wouldn't spend most of their
time in the bathroom and would
just pee in the pool
like all the NT
children do. 
fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: One for Alexi, one for Buckjammer,
one for Bubba, one for
Seth, another for Alicat,
and one for Pete. Quote on default ecard: Blog hopping to find crafts for your
kids is fun. Until you realize
that there are five
year olds who are 
better at crafting
than you are.


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stand around and not
contribute, you can
definitely count on me. Surprise 70th Birthday Party Cake Quote on reminders ecard: MENstruation
MENtal breakdowns

Notice how all women's
problems begin with men


    Pegged May 17, 2015

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