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    Humor ecard: It's hard being a woman.

You must think like a man,
Act like a lady,
Look like a young girl,
And work like a horse.
Quote on humor ecard: I'm old enough to know
better but young enough
to do it anyway Humor ecard: Don't worry the zombies
are looking for brains,
you're safe. Humor ecard: Of course women don't
work as hard as
They get it right the
first time. Humor ecard: If we could charge people
for being assholes, we
could pay off the
nation's debt in no
time. Quote on humor ecard: With great power comes a
great electricity bill Humor ecard: Women are like iPhones,
you have to touch
them before they are
turned on.
Men are like
Blackberries: Rub one
ball and everything
moves. Quote on humor ecard: 
I'm pretty sure that if I
slapped the stupid out of you,
there would be nothing left Humor ecard: Keep pissing me off.  Once
the Zombie apocalypse starts,
I'm shooting everyone I ever
wanted dead.  Zombie or
not Humor ecard: Don't worry.  You're not the first
mom to have thrown a towel
over the peed on sheets
and gone back to bed

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sleep is actually a lot
less than a Johnson &
Johnson commercial
and a lot more like
wrestling a 30 pound
bag of snakes


    Pegged March 12, 2015

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