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    Quote on default ecard: People ask me if I am always sarcastic.

Of course I'm not, some
times I'm sleeping. Quote on default ecard: Deadbeat mom's be like:

Quote on default ecard: House work sucks.

I want wine!
Quote on default ecard: You should definitely check out the
new pegitboard app Quote on default ecard: Pollen is essentially 'plant sperm'.
Therefore, hay fever is an
STD. Sense no one
voluntarily takes in 
pollen, I have concluded 
We all are being raped 
by trees. Quote on default ecard: I really need an extra day
between Saturday and
Sunday. Quote on default ecard: In California, there's just
Quote on default ecard: I am a proud wife of a
low functioning NT
husband. He not only
needs a label. But, he
also needs love and

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Two golden rules of life: 
1. The woman is always right.            
2. If you feel she is wrong, slap
yourself and read
rule number 1
again. Quote on default ecard: Please don't interrupt
me while I'm ignoring

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    Facebook ecard: If I get 1,000,000 likes, I
will punch every single
one of you in the face When is Labor Day? Cowl Neck Cocktail Mini Dress Lush hour <br> After last year's successful run, which attracted some 65,000 participants There are still things to do. Fewer than five hours: take a dip in the airport's own rooftop swimming pool in Terminal 1. Jog the indoor carpeted passageways linking the Humor ecard: We'll be friends 
'till we're old & senile
then we'll be completely
new friends! Ice Watch Unisex Ice Sunshine Neon Medium Green Watch   SUN.NGN.U.S.14 MAKITA 8406 13mm DIAMOND CORE DRILL WITH ROTARY AND PERCUSSION MODES 240V soI alwasy say I'm on my way when I haven't even left my house yet Good on Travel Mugs, 11 ounce mugs and 15 ounce mugs. Does not Breakup ecard: If Jesus was on Facebook, He would
defriend you. A flood of color creates a sea of bright fragrance storytelling. Our charming new design features our new all natural blend of coconut wax, beeswax and essential oils.   tuscan cypress and oakmoss  infused with wild geranium, Japanese yuzu and Mandarin orange Quote on default ecard: (4 y.o.) What happens 
when you die?

(Me) You go to heaven.

(4 y.o.) No, I mean 
when YOU die, 
do I get your stuff?


    Pegged June 13, 2015

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