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    Quote on default ecard:  Just remember this. 
cell phones can do a lot
BUT texting themselves  
hmmm.I don't think
so!!  Sweet dreams. Quote on default ecard: Danger: due to the
influence of pregnancy
hormones, I could either
burst into tears or kill you
in the next 5 minutes.

You have been warned Quote on default ecard: Water is the most essential element of
life, because without
water, you can't make
coffee Quote on default ecard: As I get older, I realize
that the ultimate
luxury is time Quote on default ecard: Research will eventually prove that
autism is a result of
having too much 
awesomeness in
DNA. Everyone is 
going to blame me. 

AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: You're too Ratchet even
for Facebook! Quote on default ecard: Nxa! Love is blind

ngyahamba la Quote on default ecard: You should definitely check out the
new pegitboard app Quote on default ecard: Dear Scientist, 
You gave us Viagra,
Levitra & Cialis. How
about you  quit
playing with
yourself & give us
something for 
CANCER! Quote on default ecard: News: Don't panic about Ebola, 
but please watch this nonstop
coverage about how it could 
spread everywhere
and kill you. 

Don't panic though.

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    Puma Junior Super Cell Fusion Ice Golf Shoes 4 US Medium White/Orange Thomas Davis Carolina Panthers Training Camp 2012 Humor ecard: When life gives you lemons, squeeze
them in people’s eyes. Encouragement ecard: Never be afraid to try.

Remember, amateurs
built the ark.

Professionals built
the Titanic. Florida Orange Rum Cake (16oz) I WANT HALF MY DRAGONS BACK  meme Reviews, feedbacks and user opinions Real Estate Wordpress Theme Quote on default ecard: some people miss there
loved ones and friends
when they die but me
on the other hand is
happy to get them
out of my hair Obama speech draws nearly 36 million TV viewers <br> President Obama's speech accepting the Democratic nomination for a second term was watched by an estimated 35.7 million TV viewers, ending the three day event on a high note. But the audience size last night coverage to one hour a night    even though Thanksgiving Cornucopia Selected LEON Mens Black


    Pegged July 21, 2015

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