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    Quote on workplace ecard: I never knew what an
engineer did for a
living when I was a
kid. I still don’t. Quote on workplace ecard: Everyone thinks they are
un-replaceable, until they are replaced Workplace ecard: Love is like a fart:

If you have to force it,
it's probably shit. Workplace ecard: One of the hardest things about
business for most people is minding
their own!
Workplace ecard: Asking how my day at
work went is like asking
how a drive-by shooting
went.  I'm just lucky I got 
out alive.  Sometimes the best
part about my day is
that the chair
spins. The hardest part
about business is
minding your own. Workplace ecard: Microsoft bought Skype for 8,5
billions!.what a bunch of
idiots! I downloaded it for
free! Workplace ecard: Nothing makes a person more
productive than the last minute 
It's hard to be a positive person when
I am surrounded by mean
motherfuckers A bank is a place
that will lend you
money if you can
prove you don’t need

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    Vintage Imperial Rose Gold Watch Handbags

    Encouragement ecard: 
Pray hardest when it's
hardest to pray freestyle snowboards IS THE INTERNET OPEN ON MLK DAY?  meme Deals Weather service warns that 1938-type hurricane could someday devastate Mass. <br> 74 years ago today, killed 564 people and injured 1,700 more, according to the weather service. With wind gusts up to 186 miles per hour and tides as high as hurricanes impact New England in the last century, Field said. Dankso Professional Paint Splatter Patent print nursing clogs. Anniversary ecard: Sometimes, your knight
in shining armor is an
idiot in tin foil. Rosette Ruffled Quilted Clutch Tnis Nike Dual Confession ecard: If there was a way to read a
woman’s mind, I am not sure
I would want to. I hate shoes,
shopping, gossip, and I
already know I am


    Uploaded March 31, 2013

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