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    Workplace ecard: Nothing messes up your
Friday like finding out
it's only Thursday Workplace ecard: Love is like a fart:

If you have to force it,
it's probably shit. Please be patient
with the bartender,
even a toilet can
only serve
one asshole at a
time! Quote on workplace ecard:  Sometimes the best
part about my day is
that the chair
spins. Workplace ecard: Microsoft bought Skype for 8,5
billions!.what a bunch of
idiots! I downloaded it for
free! Workplace ecard: Every morning is a
constant battle
between deciding to
spend time on my
appearance or sleep
for just 15 more
Sleep usually wins Workplace ecard: When I'm at work, I do my
business man voice so it
sounds like I give a
shit. A bank is a place
that will lend you
money if you can
prove you don’t need
it. Workplace ecard: I almost showed up at
work today with a
positive attitude but
sarcasm stepped in
and saved the day.

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    Pegged March 31, 2013

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