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    Workplace ecard: Microsoft bought Skype for 8,5
billions!.what a bunch of
idiots! I downloaded it for
free! Workplace ecard: One of the hardest things about
business for most people is minding
their own!
Quote on workplace ecard: Everyone thinks they are
un-replaceable, until they are replaced Workplace ecard: Nothing makes a person more
productive than the last minute Workplace ecard: 
It takes twice as long for me
to not get anything
done on Monday as it
does the rest of the
week. Workplace ecard: Friday:

My second favorite F-word. Brushing your teeth
six times before you
go to the dentist so
they think you have
really good teeth. I never knew what an
engineer did for a
living when I was a
kid. I still don’t.  Sometimes the best
part about my day is
that the chair
It's hard to be a positive person when
I am surrounded by mean
motherfuckers Workplace ecard: Sorry I can't stay late today.  My
sister's friends' mother's grandpa's
brother's grandson's uncle's fish
died today, and yes it
was tragic. Workplace ecard: Let's pretend it's a
three-day weekend by
being too hungover to
show up for work

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