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    Quote on humor ecard: I tried to be normal once.  Worst 2
seconds of my life. Humor ecard: ABRACADABRA!

Nope you're still a
bitch. Humor ecard: If a woman speaks and
no one is listening

her name is probably
Mom. Quote on humor ecard: 
I need a 6 month holiday

twice a year! Quote on humor ecard: PMS: A powerful spell women are put
under which gives
them the strength of
an ox, the stability of a 
Windows OS and the
scream of a banshee. 
Basically, men's
worst nightmare. Quote on humor ecard: I meant to be good but
there were too many
other options Quote on humor ecard: I spent a great deal of my
life realizing I should've
shut up 10 minutes ago

Quote on humor ecard: Moms: they are like

only smarter! Humor ecard: Listen boy,

The reason bad things
happen to you is because
you're a dumbass. Quote on humor ecard: I'm not sad that the Walking Dead
Season 4 is over.  I get to see zombies
walking at work on a
daily basis

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