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    Confession ecard: Why did I unfriend you
on Facebook?

Because your statuses
are annoying and I
fucking hate your
face. We must believe in
luck. For how else
can we explain the
success of those we
don’t like? Confession ecard: I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I
made your horn louder.

Confession ecard: The reason I swear so
much is because fuck
you. Quote on confession ecard: Why do people ask
There are two kinds
of people I don't

people who don't
drink and
people who collect
stickers Quote on confession ecard: I'm a leader, not a follower.

Unless it's dark place,
then screw that, you're
going first Quote on confession ecard: Being polite is so rare these days that
it's often confused with flirting Quote on confession ecard: I know you're very busy
but I hope you have time
to fit me into your
body. Quote on confession ecard: If only mosquitoes
sucked fat instead of
blood. Quote on confession ecard: I'm tough,
I'm ambitious,
and I know what I

If that makes me a
bitchI'm okay with
that. Confession ecard: A good man can make you feel sexy,
strong and able to
take on the
winewine does

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    Yahoooo we got it meme Quote on default ecard: Honey,
Your haters are
imaginary.  Nobody
wants to be you. 
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