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    Quote on humor ecard: Life is short!

So smile, while you still
have teeth Quote on humor ecard: Stop nagging me about
how much I'm nagging
you. Humor ecard: Texting a friend while
drunk is like humming a
song with earphones
on.  It sounds better to
you than them Humor ecard: Eenie meenie miny moe
You aint nothing but a hoe
You think you're cute
You think you're classy
Newsflash girl
You're fricken
nasty Quote on humor ecard: With great power comes a
great electricity bill Quote on humor ecard:             I  BEFORE E 
except when eight feisty neighbors
seize a surfeit of weighty heifers. Quote on humor ecard: There is someone out there for

Your somebody
may happen
to be a cat. Humor ecard: 
I hope you have a
better Good Friday
than Jesus did. Quote on humor ecard: Yeah, I do have bank robbers to catch,
but that might be dangerous,
so I'm going to play
it safe and write you
this ticket. Humor ecard: I have to stop saying

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