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    Quote on default ecard: 
What have you done
for America Quote on default ecard: Wicked chickens lay deviled eggs. Quote on default ecard: Dear face wash commercials,

Nobody actually washes
their faces like that.  

my bathroom is soaking
wet now Quote on default ecard: Frozen chicken nuggets for
breakfast.don't mind if I do.

Quote on default ecard: Facebook is limiting the
number of my posts that
you can see. Consider
yourself lucky.

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: I have watched CSI, NCIS,
Law and Order &
Criminal Minds.  I could
kill you 50 different
ways and still make it
look like an accident Quote on default ecard: Ummm,  
I wonder, if I twinkle me
nose, click my heels and
turn around 3 times
would change into
hundreds dollar
bills instead of ones
dollar bills ? Quote on default ecard: One for Lexi, one for
Alicat, one for Bubba,
One for Buckjammer,
another for Seth and
the last for Pete. Quote on default ecard: Your ass must get
jealous with of all that
shit that comes out of
your mouth Quote on default ecard: Here's to rape, ravish, and revolution Quote on default ecard: (Me) Damn, doc, I'm losing my hair.
What can you give
me to keep it in?

(Dr.) a plastic bag
Quote on default ecard: So.

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    Phantom Printed Beachrider Womens Boardshort 60 Singles Henley Top Wipro Partners with UMass Boston to Launch Fellowship Program on Science Education for US School Teachers <br> Selected teachers will undergo 250 hours of intense Wipro's science education initiative aligns with the Why Working More Than 8 Hours a Day Can Kill You <br> If you're accustomed to being the last one to leave the office long in the office resulted in a 40 to 80 percent greater chance of heart disease compared to an eight hour work day. The latest findings discovered by scientists at the Finnish ONE SIMPLY GETS RIPPED OFF WHEN ORDERING A SERVER FROM RACKSPACE meme Quote on 4th of july ecard: You should be able to 

Give a Ticket to
people for just being

Humor ecard: Son,
It's time to discuss the birds and
the bees.and fucking girls Paul Ryan Talks Space Exploration, Accuses Obama of Dismantling the Program <br> but at an event today Paul Ryan unleashed on President Obama on the issue of space exploration, saying he has presided over a dismantling of the space program over the last four years. We are near the space coast, I think its Environmental Commitment new deal every day 11am EST The art of the hand pour. Our pillar candles are handmade to ensure vibrant colors and extraordinary fragrance quality. - coconut water, sun-kissed ozone and sea salt are beautifully mixed with refreshing notes of bamboo, sea grass, vetiver, orange flower and fig. Dixie Ammo Dump Bulk Ammunition - 5.56 55gr Fmj 1000 Ct


    Pegged January 18, 2015

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