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    Humor ecard: I'm not insane.  I'm
crazy with a side of
awesome Quote on humor ecard: I try not to laugh at my own jokes but
we all know
they are
funny Humor ecard: Eenie meenie miny moe
You aint nothing but a hoe
You think you're cute
You think you're classy
Newsflash girl
You're fricken
nasty Quote on humor ecard: Cinderella is proof that a
new pair of shoes can
change a life Humor ecard: Women are like iPhones,
you have to touch
them before they are
turned on.
Men are like
Blackberries: Rub one
ball and everything
moves. Quote on humor ecard: Old people at
weddings always poke
me and say 'You're
next'.  So I started
doing the same thing to
them at funerals. Humor ecard: Please God,
If you can't make me thin, make
all my friends fat! Humor ecard: It's Friday

Fuck this shit! Humor ecard: I genuinely enjoy any
activity in which you bend
over Humor ecard: Pain makes you stronger. Tears
make you braver.
Heartbreak makes you
wiser. And vodka
makes you not
remember any of
that crap.

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Only trust people who
like big butts.

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All Irish men have round
bellies like a pot of gold,
testicles the size of gold
coins and are hung like
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