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    Quote on default ecard: Quote on default ecard: Be Kind to Animals today and 
every day! Quote on default ecard: I wish my life had an
'undo' button Quote on default ecard: Taphophilia is a passion
for and enjoyment of
epitaphs, gravestone
rubbing, photography.
This can also include
walking in cemeteries
&finding lost relatives Quote on default ecard: If my prayers were answered and
junior suddenly started speaking like
children his age. I would probably
freak out and call the
diocese to get an
exorcist. There
really is no
pleasing me. Quote on default ecard: When hipsters 
replaced hippies, we lost 
free love and drugs

.and got skinny jeans.

Worst. Trade. Ever. Quote on default ecard: I made my husband a cup of tea & I
gave him a wink as I handed it to him

He's never looked
so scared of a
drink before
that moment! Quote on default ecard: I have to laugh at 
those who are 
going for gold 
in the Idiot and 
Ignorant Olympics.

No One Will Ever
Believe You: Autism Rants Quote on default ecard: If you fancy yourself an
enlightened intellectual
you really shouldn't be
using the r word. 

fb/All Over The 
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Good friends show up with sugar to
add to the lemons life just threw out
you. Great friends show up with sugar
& vodka. Quote on default ecard: Auriemma music will save the
universe. Quote on default ecard: “Don't take rest after your first victory
because if you fail in second, more lips
are waiting to say that your first
victory was just luck.”

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    Pegged May 26, 2016

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