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    Quote on default ecard: No matter how big your
hips are, love them
curves because you're

Big Booty and all. 
Quote on default ecard: Yes, I know money can't buy
happiness.  But you have to admit, it's
more comfortable to cry in a
Lamborghini than on a bicycle. Quote on default ecard: It's funny how
everyone considers
honesty a virtue, yet
no one wants to hear
the truth. Quote on default ecard: Don't you worry! I assure you that
your recent accomplishments at work
have gone largely unnoticed. Quote on default ecard: It must have been very traumatic to
witness my child's meltdown. Let me
get you the number of
a good therapist. Stay
strong little
trooper. You can
get through this.
Quote on default ecard: I've put a lot of thought into it
and I just don't think that being
an adult is going to
work for me. Quote on default ecard: I have officially reached the
age where I am smack dab
between Quote on default ecard: I just want to be able to sit down
without sitting in clumps of poop.
Sadly the expectations I have for my
life are

All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Quiere a tu ex como a un hermano,
mas o menos como Caín a Abel. Quote on default ecard: I've recently started dating
a beautiful and kind
woman who doesn't 
have a bad bone 
in her body

yet. Quote on default ecard: Why do you think its a
good idea to tell an ASD parent
that you don't vax
because you don't want
your kids to get autism?
Are you insensitive or
just plain stupid? 
alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: When we first kissed,
that's when I realized that
from then on, no one
else's lips would touch
mine, but yours.

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    Trainerspotter Tiger Deck Jumper Annual Pumpkin Festival brings back lifelong residents of Morton <br> The weather may have warmed up once again Toys Spurs extend home streak to NBA-record 38-0 with 100-92 victory against Pelicans <br> The Pelicans (27-47) have lost five of their last seven games Ennis didn't arrive at the AT&T Center until about 2 1/2 hours before tip off after playing a game for the Iowa Energy in the NBA Development League on Tuesday night. Grade: C Pacific Science Center Launches New Career Development Opportunity for High School Students in Bellevue <br> Register today for the Environmental Science & Technology Practicum In a typical session, students will spend the first two hours in the field and the laboratory, and the last hour in an informal discussion with an environmental scientist or clean PBS Only Broadcaster To Offer 3 Hours Of Convention Coverage In Primetime <br> We already noted last week that the via the “NewsHour All Hours” livestream. The livestream coverage will include five channels, powered by Ustream, featuring additional coverage such as: The pairing of veteran political journalists Woodruff restore your skin free shipping Adam Montreal Ivory Nevada Electric Fire all kinds of clothes for all kinds of kids crosman-airsoft-11.gif Home Improvement RED FEATHER Hike Control Snow Shoe With Poles 7.5x25 (10301)


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