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    Quote on default ecard: Sexy.not everything
people say is
TRUEYour. a great person.olveing
There were more like
you this world would be
Perfict. Quote on default ecard: (Boss at staff meeting)
Do you have anything
positive to add to this

(Me) Yeah, I just
realised I can sleep with
my eyes open. Quote on default ecard: Nxa! Love is blind

ngyahamba la Quote on default ecard: Folks are worried about 
global warming and social security,
when the real crisis is that one
day elderly drivers will
know how to text. Quote on default ecard: Tonight im drinking my
beer from a straw like
the classy bitch that I
am. Quote on default ecard: Call yo fuckin motha

Quote on default ecard: The best thing ever is to go
out and dance like no one's
watching, having fun and
leave with a smile on
your face. Quote on default ecard: We helped spread autism awareness 
at a baseball game. 

Quote on default ecard: I have a condition that
prevents me from going
on a diet.It's called
HUNGER! Quote on default ecard: I'm sure junior will stop
trying to pick everyone's
nose if I just tell him it's
not appropriate. 

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    Langrmlige Mdchenbluse mit Schleife  Is a Walking Treadmill Right for You? Lauren Maternity Dress (Raspberry Spice) Quote on friendship ecard: Sometimes it scares
me how in sync our
weirdness is blessedziptrqsign  JCLUForever Mets' Syndergaard expects hostile reception in Kansas City <br> PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. (AP)    New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard expects a hostile reception when he takes the mound Tuesday in Kansas City. Syndergaard's first pitch in Game 3 of the World Series last fall was a 98 mhp fastball that went over the head HEY! THAT'S WHAT I ALWAYS SAY JACK! meme D.C. plans to say no to Washington Nationals request for extended Metro hours <br> Team representatives made the request during a July 31 meeting with city officials  three weeks before Mondays game, after which dozens of fans were stranded at Nationals Park after the last trains stopped running hours before the end of the 13 inning contest. Quote on tgif ecard: On Monday, we don't drink coffee;
coffee drinks us! Obama Acknowledges Anger Over Failed Budget Deal <br> WASHINGTON    President Barack Obama is acknowledging he was angry with House Republicans last year when a supposed The greatest Christmas jumpers worn by famous television presenter Holly Willoughby. Leopard Print  Chain Bow Ring   JEWELRY


    Pegged June 4, 2015

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