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    Quote on eating ecard: If you want to feel
young and thin on
your birthday: simply
hang out with old, fat
people on your
birthday. Quote on eating ecard: I either eat nothing or eat everything.

There is no in
between Quote on eating ecard: Our doctor prescribes coffee. Quote on eating ecard: I can't go on a new diet
because I've been
forced to go on a diet
plan called Quote on eating ecard: Reasons why I'm fat

1.  I eat when I'm bored

2.  I'm bored all the time Quote on eating ecard: Life is short.  Surround yourself with
good peopleand drink
good coffee Quote on eating ecard: While my cat was wearing a cone, 
he learned to scoop up his food and
let it slide into his mouth

and now 
I'm getting 
really crazy
ideas. Hmm. Quote on eating ecard: We should reconnect so
you can see for yourself
how much weight I've
lost Quote on eating ecard: Hell is other people, before coffee. Quote on eating ecard: We should reconnect so
you can see that I'm not
fat anymore

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    Fitness Girl Fotos, Retratos, Imgenes Y Fotografa De Archivo Red train kids named id library tote bag Wasteland Bottoms Evil Twin Cursed Maxi Skirt Ahh yeah Who got the payrise meme Quote on reminders ecard: Of course life's a bitch.

If it were a slut, it would
be easy Quote on office ecard: I need money, not a job! Quote on default ecard: Yes, they can diagnose
autism that quickly.
Perhaps it is due to
their extensive
education and
expertise in the field.

AllOverTheSpectrum THAT BOWL WAS SO DISGUSTING I FELT LIKE I WAS IN MEXICO meme Pineapple Ginger Salad with Grilled Steak Recipe :: Quote on family ecard: Think your kid hearing
you having sex 
is the worst?
NOPE! Having your
kid run into the
room with a light
saber to save you
MUCH WORSE!!! SF when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace


    Pegged January 2, 2014

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