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    Quote on confession ecard: The best way to make sure someone
remembers you, is to borrow money
from them Confession ecard: I don't smoke, don't drink, don't do
drugs, I only have one
small problem, I lie. Quote on confession ecard: I'm a classy mom
until you mess with my
kids. Then I turn into
the biggest
ass whooping bitch
from hell you will 
ever meet. Quote on confession ecard: The tag on my
underwear has been 
tickling my ass all day.

I was gonna cut 
it off but I'm 
really really lonely. Quote on confession ecard: You're the type of
boy I'd make a
sandwich for Confession ecard: Almost 7 billion people on the planet
and I can tolerate around
10 at the most. Confession ecard: Politicians and diapers have one thing
in common. They should both be
changed regularly, and for the same
Confession ecard: Happy Mother's Day.
I never asked to be born
so don't be surprised
that I expect pocket
money from you, for
the rest of your life. 
Here's some flowers. Confession ecard: I wonder what the blood
alcohol level is of all these
mosquitoes that keep
biting me? Quote on confession ecard: 
Silence is the best tool against
a fool

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    FTIsland 2nd Album After Love Music video Quote on humor ecard: Anyone who thinks they can see
through a woman is
missing a lot. Capita Charlie Slasher FK Snowboard SUPA COOL MAN     Embroided Black Polo Shirt TW Steel Mens Stainless Steel Case Canteen Bracelet Brown Dial Rose Gold Watch   CB192 Work It Satchel at 2b Traser Mens Tornado Pro Black Steel Strap Unidirectional Rotating Round Watch   105477 Skagen Womens Crystal Analog Stainless Watch   Two tone Mesh Bracelet   Pearl Dial   355SSGS How to tweeze brows Humor ecard: Keep pissing me off.  Once
the Zombie apocalypse starts,
I'm shooting everyone I ever
wanted dead.  Zombie or
not Ex Scientologist Paul Haggis Confirms Vanity Fair Tom Cruise Story <br> Director and former Scientologist Paul Haggis has stepped forward to comment on Vanity Fairs new cover story on Tom Cruise. Im appalled that a source told Orth. The last thing [Boniadi] wanted or needed is this kind of publicity Visit Paris


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