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    Quote on humor ecard: Old people at
weddings always poke
me and say 'You're
next'.  So I started
doing the same thing to
them at funerals. Humor ecard: Don't worry kids.  None of you are
my favorite.
In fact, you all annoy
me equally. Humor ecard: I'm only being productive
because I ran out
of things to do
that aren't work Humor ecard: Money can't buy happiness but it pays
for internet which is pretty much the
same thing Quote on humor ecard: Dear scientists,

You gave us Viagra,
Levitra and Cialis.  How
about you stop playing
with your d*cks and
give us something
for cancer? Quote on humor ecard: 
I don't need a stable

I need a stable
internet connection Humor ecard: Women are like iPhones,
you have to touch
them before they are
turned on.
Men are like
Blackberries: Rub one
ball and everything
moves. Quote on humor ecard: Money means nothing to me.  If you
don't believe me, simply ask me for
money and you'll get
nothing Humor ecard: My husband is the boss.  I've given
him permission to say so. Quote on humor ecard: 
I could never cheat on
you.  That would
require two people to
find me attractive

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