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    Quote on confession ecard: I'm feeling a little shaky
ever since I was
shamed at the grocery
store for forgetting
my reusable bags. Your name still comes up at work
when something goes horribly wrong
and we need someone
to blame. Quote on confession ecard: The only thing we have to fear is fear

and spiders! Confession ecard: My sex life is like a Ferrari

I don't have a Ferrari.
Quote on confession ecard: I think

Therefore, I don't have
much in common
with quite a few
people Quote on confession ecard: The more time I spend being around
people, the more I prefer to be
around my cats
instead. Quote on confession ecard: Sometimes the thoughts in my
head get so bored, they
go out for a stroll
through my mouth.

That's rarely a good
thing. Quote on confession ecard: I hate it when people
overeact on something
insignificant Quote on confession ecard: The less you give a
damn, the happier you
will be Quote on confession ecard: This whole grown-up
thing has been so fun, but I
have to go now Quote on confession ecard: 
Silence is the best tool against
a fool Quote on confession ecard: I hope we are friends till we

And then I hope we can still
be ghost friends so we can
scare the hell out of

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    Uploaded April 9, 2014

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