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    Quote on humor ecard: 
Sex isn't a game but if it
was, I'd be winning Quote on humor ecard: 
Raise some hell and
change the world! Humor ecard: ABRACADABRA!

Nope you're still a
bitch. Quote on humor ecard: Silence is golden, unless you have
children.  Then,
silence is just
suspicious Quote on humor ecard: Fact of life:

After Monday &
Tuesday, even the
calendar says W T F. Quote on humor ecard: I'm not fat.  I'm just so
sexy that it overflows Quote on humor ecard: Sorry but I'm not tall enough
to ride your emotional roller
coaster Quote on humor ecard: Instead of 'John', I call
my bathroom 'Jim'.  It
simply sounds better
when I say I'm going to
the Jim Quote on humor ecard: We're fools whether we dance
or not.

Might as well dance Humor ecard: 14,000 people are having sex right
now; 25,000 are kissing;
50,000 are hugging. 
And youwell you're
reading this.

Trust me I'm not
happy about it either

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    Surging Bumgarner, Giants try to hand Braves another loss <br> The Braves counter with their own young lefty in Mike Minor, who has lost three straight starts. Atlanta has been outscored 12 1 in that span and Minor hasn't won since July 28. The 24 year old are 15 6 over their last 21. air bivy extreme shelter $ 149 99 availability in stock a brilliant Borghese Perla Duale High Impact Lipcolour   Free Shipping Humor ecard: If carrying a cranky toddler while
pushing an empty stroller
through a shopping
mall, to find the
perfect shoes, was an
Olympic event, I'm
sure I'd come home
with the gold Quote on reminders ecard: The average woman
would rather have
beauty than brains,
because the average
man can see better
than they can think MLB Opening Day 2016: What's Your Favorite Cubs Opening Day? <br> 3,000 people were in line for the bleachers at 8 a.m. and some started climbing over the walls, forcing the Cubs to open the ballpark five hours before game time. It was the last time Opening Day bleacher tickets were sold on the day of the game. Hilary Duff Significantly reduce the appearance of bags and dark circles Hades Brown Nephele Steampunk Ankle Boots   Steampunk Footwear Quote on sarcasm ecard: You may be a princess, but I'm the
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