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    Confession ecard: I dont make enough money
to go on vacation, so I'm just
going to get drunk this weekend
until I dont know where I am. I didn’t fall. The
floor just needed a
hug. Quote on confession ecard: I love waking up by your side.  You
turn dull moments into exciting ones. 
You've always been there
for me, iPhone. Quote on confession ecard: You know who drives me

YOU DO! Quote on confession ecard: Politicians are a lot like

One in a million actually
turns out to be human Quote on confession ecard: Pretending to be polite
and interested is simply
exhausting Quote on confession ecard: We'd rather take coffee than
compliments right now! Quote on confession ecard: Every daily episode
of my life starts with 
a short recap and 
the voice over says,

Confession ecard: A meal without wine is like a day
without sunshine, except that
on a day without
sunshine you can still
get drunk. Confession ecard: I asked God for a bike,
but I know God doesn’t
work that way. So I
stole a bike and asked
for forgiveness.

Quote on confession ecard: To the b!tch who accused me of
looking for pity by sharing
our story, the door is that
way. I'm sorry I don't sugar
coat our life for your
A Legion for Liam Quote on confession ecard: I'm a leader, not a follower.

Unless it's dark place,
then screw that, you're
going first

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    Humor ecard: I hate after an argument how
I think of more clever shit
I could have said. Tnis Adidas Falcon NOT SURE IF PHARMACY OR DISPENSARY meme After 18 Innings and Almost 6 Hours, Astros Send Braves Packing Again <br> Jones, the Braves' third baseman, said his bat felt heavy on his eighth trip to the plate, but he said that was nothing compared with the emotional burden felt in the Atlanta dugout during the last two hours of the game. The Braves were facing elimination Funny Workplace Ecard: I'd dread Friday the 13th much more if it was Quote on humor ecard: I just rolled my eyes
so hard I saw my brain TGIF ecard: Weekend forecast:Mostly drunk with a chance of horny. James Arg Argents sister accused of cheating in London marathon after running last 20k in under an hour <br> Following a disappearing act, Natasha later appeared at the 40k mark, according to her timesheet, at 13:21   little under an hour later. Fans saw that Natasha How did she sleep last night? Should be ashamedAnd under a charity name too! Facebook ecard: Hold on for just a second. 
I have to post a picture
of my alcoholic
beverage on
Facebook so all of
my friends can see
how cool I am Home e DISCONTINUED | Out of Stock Products e Westone 2 Earphones with Get Well Soon Teddy Bears | Personalised Get Well Soon Gifts barbara bush left and former u s president george h w bush right watch


    Pegged August 6, 2014

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