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    Quote on confession ecard: It's better to shut up and
give the impression that
you're stupid than to
say something and
erase all doubt. Sorry, I can’t
hangout. My uncle’s
cousin’s sister in
law’s best friend’s
insurance agent’s
roommate’s pet
goldfish died. Maybe
next time. Who says nothing is
impossible. I’ve
been doing nothing
for years. Confession ecard: Karma is like a rubber band.
You can only stretch it
so far before it comes
back and smacks you
in the face. Quote on confession ecard: I had the best dream last
night.  You were in it
and you got hit by a
truck Quote on confession ecard: I hope we are friends till we

And then I hope we can still
be ghost friends so we can
scare the hell out of
people Quote on confession ecard: She's all Confession ecard: You might be a redneck ifyou think
that Dom
Perignon is a mafia
leader. Quote on confession ecard: 
Once upon a time, I
had a life.  Then
some idiot came and
suggested I make a
Pinterest account. Quote on confession ecard: What I don't understand is how
women can throw
hot wax on their
bodies, let it dry, then
rip out every single
hair by its root, but 
still be scared of a
small spider.

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    Glitz 70th Birthday Six String Party Decorations | Pink 70th birthday Katy Perry   Part Of Me Sculpture Body Shaping swimwear Quote on drunk ecard: I'm well aware that I'm not everyone's
cup of tea.

I'd rather be someone's
shot of tequila
anyway WHEN ONE DOOR CLOSES, ANOTHER OPENS OR YOU CAN OPEN THE CLOSED DOOR.  THAT'S HOW DOORS Lil Lollipop Girl Toddler Costume Static V Camo Quote on default ecard: I like that CNN 
tweeted a picture 
of ebola bacteria. 

It will be handy in 
case I encounter it
in the wildwith my
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    Pegged August 6, 2014

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