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    Quote on default ecard: SOME NURSES STILL INSIST ON
THEIR DESK. Quote on default ecard: Dear face wash commercials,

Nobody actually washes
their faces like that.  

my bathroom is soaking
wet now Quote on default ecard: I wish my life had an
'undo' button Quote on default ecard: New England Patriots 
finally lost to Miami! Quote on default ecard: 

Goodbye Office Tension!

Hello much deserved 
PENSION! Quote on default ecard: There is a special place
in Hell for people who
think electronic shocks
are therapeutic. Do that
shit to my kid and I will
help you get there faster.

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Always be yourself

unless you run into
one of your exes

then be a way
more successful
version of yourself. Quote on default ecard: Being single is smarter
than being in the
wrong relationship. Quote on default ecard: Sure i will make you
a coffee while
you sit on your ass.
I hope the arsenic
kicks in before
the soaps start.
 Quote on default ecard: I don't regret burning my bridges,
I regret that some people
weren't still on those
fucking bridges when i
burnt them. Quote on default ecard: If the whole world was
how many people
would you impress? Quote on default ecard: I'm sorry I hurt your
feelings when I called you
stupid. In my defense, I
thought you already

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    Quote on drunk ecard: 
What doesn't kill us makes our drinks
stronger. Pac 12 teams facing tough opponents <br> PHOENIX (AP)    The Pac 12 had a long opening week, stretching from four games Thursday night to Arizona's frenetic game with Toledo that went into the wee hours of Sunday morning Oregon State was overrun 35 0 in Madison last year and this season Pulsar Womens Stainless Steel Case Pink Leather Strap Silver Dial Silver Watch   PP6107 choosing the right skateboard helmet IF IN DOUBT ABOUT THE GAME DESIGN THINK WHAT MYRNA WOULD DO! meme Italian Ceramics and Majolica Dinnerware, Pottery Gifts   Biordi Art Rhythmic Gymnastic Fighters (trainings) Joe Biden Portrayed as Key Deal Broker in New Bob Woodward Book on Obama <br> For Republicans, Joe Biden is perceived either as a ruthless partisan or a hilarious punch line. Syndicated radio talker Mark Levin calls him Plugs because he appears to have had hair transplants. After Biden implied last month to a Quote on humor ecard: I don't need to flirt.

I can simply seduce you
with my awkwardness. Bliss High Intensity Hand Cream COMMON SENSE IS LIKE DEODORANT THE PEOPLE WHO NEED IT THE MOST NEVER USE IT meme Biden accepts Democratic VP nomination <br> Vice President Joe Biden Biden's standing with Obama, who appreciates discussion over dictating decisions. On days they are both on White House grounds, they spend some four hours together in meetings; Biden often is the last person Obama


    Pegged July 31, 2015

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