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    Quote on confession ecard: I admit, I've typed Quote on confession ecard: You have 2 choices in life:

You can stay single and
be miserable or get
married and wish
you were dead Confession ecard: A meal without wine is like a day
without sunshine, except that
on a day without
sunshine you can still
get drunk. Quote on confession ecard: The tag on my
underwear has been 
tickling my ass all day.

I was gonna cut 
it off but I'm 
really really lonely. Quote on confession ecard: I ate on my husband's side of the bed
so I wouldn't
get crumbs
on mine Quote on confession ecard: Women who don't wear
never get their panties in
a bunch Quote on confession ecard: If it requires pants or a bra, it ain't
happening today Quote on confession ecard: To us, drink responsibly means don't
spill it. Quote on confession ecard: I speak my mind because it hurts to
bite my tongue. Confession ecard: 
I wish I could retire like
the Pope before my legacy
becomes even more
embarrassing. Quote on confession ecard: If you were my mom, I'd
still be breastfeeding Quote on confession ecard: Having a vagina doesn't stop me from
believing that my balls are bigger than

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    Uploaded March 13, 2014

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