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    Quote on confession ecard: I wish weight were like
virginity!  Once you lost it,
you could never get it back. Quote on confession ecard: I'm a classy mom
until you mess with my
kids. Then I turn into
the biggest
ass-whooping bitch
from hell you will 
ever meet. Quote on confession ecard: I have PMS and GPS

Which means I'm a bitch and
I will find you Confession ecard: 
First that stupid jerk
cut me off in traffic,
then he stole my
parking space and then
his stupid car got paint
on my key Quote on confession ecard: Being polite is so rare these days that
it's often confused with flirting Quote on confession ecard: I love sleeping because dreams are
much better than reality Quote on confession ecard: I love waking up by your side.  You
turn dull moments into exciting ones. 
You've always been there
for me, iPhone. Confession ecard: Fact:
Mexico does not participate in the
Olympics because all the best
Mexican swimmers, runners and
jumpers live in
Quote on confession ecard: I'm not lazy.  

I'm just in energy-saving
mode Confession ecard: Politicians and diapers have one thing
in common. They should both be
changed regularly, and for the same
Quote on confession ecard: I'm not clumsy.  It's just that the floor
hates me, the tables and chairs are
bullies and the wall always tries to get
in my way Quote on confession ecard: The only reason I have a
kitchen is because it came
with the house

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Turn your head to the left,
turn your head to the right.

Repeat this exercise
whenever offered food.


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