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    Confession ecard: I get a lot of my cardio from speed
walking around the
house looking for
wine. Quote on confession ecard: Sweet face,

Tender heart,

Twisted sense of humor Confession ecard: My sex life is like a Ferrari

I don't have a Ferrari.
Quote on confession ecard: I wish an hour with you lasted as long
as an hour at my job. If you are talking
behind my back, you
are in a good
position to kiss my
ass. Quote on confession ecard: If you're telling me you can't handle
me at my worst then I completely
understand.  I can't
either Confession ecard: 
Everyone is entitled to their
own opinion. It's just
that yours is stupid. Quote on confession ecard: The only reason I have a
kitchen is because it came
with the house Quote on confession ecard: I wish weight were like
virginity!  Once you lost it,
you could never get it back. Quote on confession ecard: Trying to teach your
parents how to operate
electronics is like nailing a
turd to a tree.

The Real Housewives of
Autism (c)

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    FINALLY DECIDE TO MAKE A PHONE CALL HOPE NO ONE ANSWERS meme Dresses Cupcake Cult Vest Dress Ladies From Zona Plus Version 3 Actress Jolie raises concern for Syria refugees <br> AFP   Hollywood star Angelina Jolie on Friday said she was concerned This is also very important. Fellow Mormons laud Romney for raising church's profile <br> Mormon churchgoers on Sunday thanked Mitt Romney for raising the church's profile in his race for the White House and praised the Republican candidate's acceptance speech at a nominating convention in Tampa, Florida last week. Romney Humor ecard: 
It's Friday Bitches! Lets
Get Fucked Up! cards printing The Lying Lies of Paul Ryan, Who Lies <br> In the hours since his acceptance speech last night, the lies of lying liar Paul Ryan have been well documented  but what the hell, lets recap them anyway! THE GM PLANT: Well, as it turned out, that plant didnt last another year. It is locked Angel of Courage Necklace in Sterling Silver E25 SOLE Elliptical (New 2013 Model) The Core  Blog Archive  Sports Team Facebook Cover Photos Hurricane Wallpaper


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