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    Quote on confession ecard: I had the best dream last
night.  You were in it
and you got hit by a
truck If you are talking
behind my back, you
are in a good
position to kiss my
ass. Quote on confession ecard: Being a person is getting too

Time to become a
unicorn. Quote on confession ecard: 

NI EXCLUYENTE Quote on confession ecard: IGNORANCE: Pissing
people off daily!

A Legion For Liam Quote on confession ecard: No importa el tamaño
de la paloma 
sino la habilidad
del mago Confession ecard: I couldn’t repair your brakes, so I
made your horn louder.

Quote on confession ecard: Every person has the
ability to do
something better
than another
And usually it's
reading their own
handwriting. Quote on confession ecard: I'm a classy mom
until you mess with my
kids. Then I turn into
the biggest
ass whooping bitch
from hell you will 
ever meet. Confession ecard: I work so I can afford
the amount of alcohol
required to continue
going to work. Quote on confession ecard: Pretending to be polite
and interested is simply
exhausting Confession ecard: 
If you can't get the
skeleton out of your
closet, you'd best teach
it to dance

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    Custom Baby Seed Packet Rennwagen selber fahren Nascar   Wachauring Tony, you motherfuckers !!   The Sopranos HD DIY Rose Decor Lamp & Lantern This Hour: Latest Georgia sports <br> Hudson, Janish lead Braves to 7 1 win over Giants SAN FRANCISCO (AP)   Akeem Dent says he is ready to step in at middle linebacker for the Atlanta Falcons. Dent, a third round draft pick from Georgia last year, overcame concussion symptoms to take Bernstein: NBA Can Act On Bad Law <br> Falcons owner Arthur Blank is building a new stadium in which he hopes to host several Super Bowls, but a league spokesman made it clear last week that the new law passed the state house and senate in just hours. Our people work side by side without Quote on laziness ecard: Just relax honey, I'll do
all the yard work,
housework, laundry,
errands, grocery
You just relax and do
your online crap,
workout, and watch sports Encouragement ecard: An arrow can only be shot
by pulling it backwards. 
So, when life is dragging
you back with
difficulties, it means it's
going to launch you
into something great. Micron Posts Q2 Bottom Line Beat <br> The same period from last year had $0.81 in earnings per share Following the release of the earnings report, the stock was initially up 3.8% at $10.88 in the after hours trading session. Quote on default ecard: 
The answer may not be
at the bottom of the
bottle, but it doesn't
hurt to look there Swimwear, Swimsuits, Swimming Shorts, Swimming Joe Biden Talks College, Education At University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire <br> Playing to a younger audience, Vice President Joe Biden stressed differences opponent among 18 to 24 year olds by a wide margin, 61 percent to 38 percent. A Romney campaign bus circled the campus where Biden appeared. Afterward, Romney


    Pegged April 28, 2014

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