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    Quote on default ecard: Whats up baby doll?  Quote on default ecard: I wish losing weight was
like losing your virginity. 
Once you lose it, you
can never get it back! Quote on default ecard: Go ahead, judge me.

Just remember to be
perfect for the rest of your
life. Quote on default ecard:   Sorry I am not demi and
taylor but u give me a
hearttack and we are
never geting back
Quote on default ecard: So this is what hell is like? Quote on default ecard: Perhaps if I wait a tiny little bit longer,
a fuck will fall into my hand and I can
give it to you Quote on default ecard: In bed, it's 6 am.  You close your eyes
for 5 minutes and it's 7.45

At work, it's 8 am. 
You close your eyes
for 5 minutes and
it's 8.01 Quote on default ecard: Thanks for drinks last
night, sorry there wasn't
a mere Quote on default ecard: Why, yes!  I truly enjoy jumping
through hoops for you. 

That $2.53
commission makes 
everything worth it! Quote on default ecard: My wish for you today my
friends is peace in your
minds, love in your hearts
and laughter in your lives!
Much love and many
blessings to you!! Quote on default ecard: Keep the Martha Stewart in your
family humble by offering
her newest creations to
your ASD child. Don't
worry that bitch is up
for the challenge.

alloverthespectrum Quote on default ecard: Why do you need a guy that could
hurt you when you have


I'll take food!!

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fucking stupid. Like real


    Pegged April 26, 2015

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