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    Confession ecard: I really hate it when the voices
inside my head argue as if I'm
not even here. Quote on confession ecard: 
Silence is the best tool against
a fool Confession ecard: I wonder what the blood
alcohol level is of all these
mosquitoes that keep
biting me? Quote on confession ecard: Have you ever noticed?

LOL has gone from
meaning Quote on confession ecard: Chance are that if you
think I'm awkward, I
think you're hot To alcohol!

The cause of, and 
solution, to all of
problems Confession ecard: Women are not moody. 
We just have days when
we are less inclined to
put up with your shit. Quote on confession ecard: I meant to behave but
there were too many
other options Quote on confession ecard: Every daily episode
of my life starts with 
a short recap and 
the voice over says,

Quote on confession ecard: I love sleeping because dreams are
much better than reality Confession ecard: I'd rather have you stare at
my boobs than at your
phone on our date. Quote on confession ecard: The only thing we have to fear is fear

and spiders!

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    'Expendables 2' fillled with all the guy movie staples <br> In 2010, Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo) gave us the example of what that He invites new team member Billy the Kid, played by Liam Hemsworth (Last Song, Hunger Games) and Chinese warrior Maggie (Nan Yu) to assist them men in saving a village of Microsoft's Chat Bot 'Tay' Gets a Time Out After Rude Comments <br> Tay has been silent for the last 24 hours while Microsoft is deleting some of her worst status updates, a number of which used threatening or racist language. Users could tweet or DM Tay, as well as interact with her on Kik and Groupme. Sinders said she Forget Marcus Welby: Today's docs want a real life <br> The federal health care law is speeding some of these changes New doctors in their first year of medical residency training can no longer work 24 hour shifts. Since last year, they've been limited to 16 hour shifts. Stricter limits began Barack Obama leads in three US swing states: Poll <br> WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama is ahead in three key battleground New York Times/CBS News poll    carried out during and after last week's Middle East turmoil   gave Obama the lead over Mitt Romney in Virginia, Wisconsin and Colorado Aerial Surf/Wakeboard Board Rack 1.50 2.00In Polished Aluminum Seasonal ecard: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Let the shenanigans begin!
Why Working More Than 8 Hours a Day Can Kill You <br> The study combined the results of different studies over the last 50 years and found that spending too long in the office resulted in a 40 to 80 percent greater chance of heart disease compared to an eight hour work day. The latest findings Quote on humor ecard: We have no clue what we're doing
here.  We just want to
drink lots of coffee Jasmine Scented Reed Diffuser Fossil Womens Stainless Steel Case Beige Leather Perfect Boyfriend Rose Gold Watch   ES3777 Bertucci Mens A 2T ProColor Titanium Watch   Blue Nylon Strap   Blue Dial   12052 Quote on default ecard: You inspire my inner
serial killer


    Pegged May 12, 2014

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