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    Quote on default ecard: Yes I do have a beautiful

I also have a big gun,
a backhoe, some lime,
and a fucking alibi! Quote on default ecard: Emmmm.DONUTS ! 

Haven't seen a Quote on default ecard: All these NTs think they are so smart.
But, they don't
even know
what NT
stands for.

aots Quote on default ecard: Don't worry about
people who shot

Only Cecil The
Lion matters Quote on default ecard: Yes, I know money can't buy
happiness.  But you have to admit, it's
more comfortable to cry in a
Lamborghini than on a bicycle. Quote on default ecard: My wife says I don't listen
to hersomething along
those lines Quote on default ecard: When natural stimulus isn't enough:  Quote on default ecard: If my prayers were answered and
junior suddenly started speaking like
children his age. I would probably
freak out and call the
diocese to get an
exorcist. There
really is no
pleasing me. Quote on default ecard: Oh dear,

I really have a lot of
things to do, but I'm
already in my pajamas Quote on default ecard: When you see you
mans ex

Quote on default ecard: Kevan says:

I like you! Quote on default ecard: I once had this boyfriend.

And he thought he
could rapbut he
didnt realize he just
sounds like crap.

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    WHY DON'T YOU SLIP INTO SOMETHING MORE COMFORTABLE LIKE A COMA meme 'Bamboo Charlie' leaves behind his L.A. River paradise <br> A coroner investigator said officials determined he died of heart would come an hour early to work every day. A good guy, a friendly attitude, Quote on friendship ecard: Friendship is born when one person
says to another: I WISH I COULD BRAID MY HAIR LIKE KATNISS meme 50 free prints AT T TL7612 DECT 60 Digital Cordless Headset With Handset Lifter by Tom Brokaw at 2008 New York Times Arts & Leisure Week Welcome Pinteresting Fitness Motivation  Curly Hair, Straight Talk collection of one generator mail a bikerandom funny and humor UFC 173's Daniel Cormier On Fighting Wrestling Hero Dan Henderson RONHILL Ladies Vizion Storm Jacket Lilith Cosplay by Nadya Sonika


    Pegged June 9, 2015

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