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    Quote on default ecard: (TV) Quote on default ecard: I've put a lot of thought into it
and I just don't think that being
an adult is going to
work for me. Quote on default ecard: Bitches lose their fucking minds if
everyone isn't lavishing
constant praise upon
their Quote on default ecard: Every girl wants a Quote on default ecard: Marija: Ira, tko se danas udaje za
Generala Gorana? 
Ira: Tii Marija, ti!  
Marija: A znaš
da imamo i najzgodnijeg
Znaam :-) Quote on default ecard: if only i could eat a watermelon and a
hot dog
Quote on default ecard: “Don't take rest after your first victory
because if you fail in second, more lips
are waiting to say that your first
victory was just luck.” Quote on default ecard: Don't bug me if you
don't have a good
reason to.
Quote on default ecard: All these NTs think they are so smart.
But, they don't
even know
what NT
stands for.

aots Quote on default ecard: Taphophilia is a passion
for and enjoyment of
epitaphs, gravestone
rubbing, photography.
This can also include
walking in cemeteries
&finding lost relatives Quote on default ecard: I wish weight were like virginity! Once
you lost it, you could never
get it back. Quote on default ecard: (Me) I bet other husbands 
don't get put in timeout!

(Wife) I bet they 
don't put their
phone number on 
a Craigslist ad either!

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    Mitt Romney Searches For A Former Clarity: The 2012 Speculatron Weekly Roundup For Sept. 14 <br> One of the essential charges that's been levied at Mitt Romney by Team Obama Re-Elect and that propelled the Romney campaign into a bewildering 12-hour period in which they walked back, walked around, and eventually came up with just a Rich JR V Icon Black electric guitar | Black flying V Icon by BC Renntaxi Ferrari F430 GT Cup - Eurospeedway Lausitz LeDonne BR-01 Quote on sarcasm ecard: I just taught my kids
about paying taxes by
eating 38% of their
ice cream. Encouragement ecard: There are plenty of fish in the sea. 
Don't settle until you find a mermaid! Lace Fedora 100% Custom Ladies Apparel in Junior Sizes - Tees, Hoodies & More! Humor ecard: Seriously, I don't know
when the UFO landed
and dumped all these
stupid people, but
they are apparently
not coming back Saved By The Bell Jeans - Blue    meme You are in: Handbags & Accessories


    Pegged June 9, 2015

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