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    Quote on default ecard: Do I swallow?  

How else do 
humans eat?  

I don't understand
the question. Quote on default ecard: Alcohol

The original 

Quote on default ecard: I met with my financial 
advisor the other day,
he told me that my
401K is 399K short! Quote on default ecard: Boyfriends are like speed

You just gotta drive over
them and get to your
target destiniation

Quote on default ecard: Have you ever looked at someone's
facebook and thought Quote on default ecard: The best part of being
over 40 is that we did
most of our stupid stuff
before the internet.

fb/Autism and Other
Ramblings Quote on default ecard: Ebola just arrived in 
the US and people are 
already wearing masks.

AIDS has been 
here for 55 years 
and fools still don't 
use a condom. Quote on default ecard: Your body's scores a
perfect 10, but your face
scores me a triple
raspberry Stoli on the Rocks. Quote on default ecard: Oh I didn't answer your
call? It went to
voicemail? Sorry honey
my phone automatically
rejects calls from
cuntbitches Quote on default ecard: You inspire my inner
serial killer Quote on default ecard: Here's all you have to know about
men and women. 
Women are crazy,
men are stupid. And
the main reason
women are crazy is 
because men are
stupid. Quote on default ecard: Autismland is where you wish your
child wouldn't spend most of their
time in the bathroom and would
just pee in the pool
like all the NT
children do. 
fb/All Over The

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    Brown and Golden Wrap Bracelet Humor ecard: Please do not interrupt me
while I'm  ignoring
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    Pegged April 30, 2015

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