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    Congratulations ecard: 
on avoiding jury
duty via shameless
faux bigotry or
insanity. Quote on congratulations ecard: That's rightI've got 99 problems, all
created by people like
you Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on losing,
gaining, losing and gaining
weight. Quote on congratulations ecard: Felicidades Señora!! usted
se acaba
de ganar comida para
un año puede pasar
a buscar su Purina
Dog Chow, perra. Congratulations ecard: Congratulations on having job security
during tough economic times by
working in an industry
that exploits people
during tough
economic times. Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on
sleeping with the
same person for the
rest of eternity Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on
being the last person in
the galaxy without a cell
phone. Congratulations ecard: 
Congratulations on the anniversary of
your horrific alcoholic
bottom Quote on congratulations ecard: Shoutout to my parents for
not wearing a condom
and creating the most
awesome person alive.

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    Floating Floating Tank pwease mommy i really wanna go on the teacups? meme Humor ecard: 

Men, listen up!
If you want to know
what to buy her, simply
check her boards on
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    Pegged March 7, 2013

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