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    Quote on eating ecard: Drink coffee to get more energy to
drink coffee Quote on eating ecard: Since everyone says that
you are what you eat, I think
I need to eat a skinny
person. Quote on eating ecard: I don't exercise.  If God had
wanted me to bend
over, he would have put
diamonds on the floor Quote on eating ecard: We should reconnect so
you can see for yourself
how much weight I've
lost Quote on eating ecard: 
Do not reward yourself
with food.

You're not a dog Quote on eating ecard: I'm not hungry, but I am bored.

Therefore, I shall
eat! Quote on eating ecard: For some reason, I only
remember that I'm trying to
lose weight after I've eaten 7
cookies Quote on eating ecard: Why are kids today

Maybe cause a
hamburger is .99
cents and a salad is
5 bucks! Quote on eating ecard: Juicing has 
changed my life. 

I went from being

to being overweight 
and owning a juicer. Quote on eating ecard: If you want to feel
young and thin on
your birthday: simply
hang out with old, fat
people on your

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