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    Quote on default ecard: I'm 100% Spoiled
by the Love of 
My Life

Thank You Bob Quote on default ecard: If the whole world was
how many people
would you impress? Quote on default ecard: My friends warned my about my man
being full of himself. Boy,
were they right. I mean I
dont see how he fits all
that in those jeans
Boy I'm glad they
warned me! Quote on default ecard: But Grandpa,  what if I get kidnapped.

Don't worry, Jimmy, they
would certainly
bring you back Quote on default ecard: We spread autism awareness loudly
at the're welcome.

Quote on default ecard: You know you are in a loud ASD
household if you choose to take a
phone call outside even
though the storm sirens
are going off.

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: Sexy.not everything
people say is
TRUEYour. a great person.olveing
There were more like
you this world would be
Perfict. Quote on default ecard: If she prefers beer over wine and
bonfires over candlelight, she's
a keeper Quote on default ecard: I love being my husband's wife Quote on default ecard: (Me) Damn, doc I'm losing my hair.
What can you give
me to keep it in?

(Doc) A plastic bag
Quote on default ecard: 
DISFRAZAO Quote on default ecard: I am a proud wife of a
low functioning NT
husband. He not only
needs a label. But, he
also needs love and

fb/All Over The Spectrum

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    Don Quixote   Gustave Dore Bruce Arians on why quality of NFL offensive line play is 'deteriorating' <br> Last Wednesday I spent more than half of the hour long NFC coaches breakfast with NFL reporters at the Boca Raton Resort & Club sitting at Arians roundtable. Large chunks of the transcript are too good not to share. Especially Issue No. 1. For topical How spacewalkers used a toothbrush to fix space station <br> NASA spaceflyer Sunita Williams and Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide spent nearly 6 1/2 hours yesterday outside in the vacuum of space to properly install a pair of bolts that had caused problems for the pair during a previous spacewalk last week. WHAT IF IF CHRIS TOLD U YOU READ THE TOP LINE WRONG meme ice bear swimming Wagyu Sirloin Steak, 1 x 400g, Frozen, M/SC 4 5, 6 7 & 8 9 Quote on humor ecard: I just rolled my eyes
so hard I saw my brain Quote on default ecard: New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey may miss opening day start with injury <br> But after the Mets lost 3 1 to the Cardinals, Collins announced Harvey would not make his last Grapefruit League start Harvey may travel to back to New York, and Alderson said he believed Harvey is still in Florida. The general manager was informed Quote on sarcasm ecard: When I call my parents,
and they don't answer, it's
the end of the world.

But when they call me
and I don't answer, it's
no big deal Attitude Print Subscriptions Congratulations ecard: 
on avoiding jury
duty via shameless
faux bigotry or


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