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    Quote on default ecard: I don't hold grudges!

I remember facts Quote on default ecard: Stop the Earth from

I want to get off Quote on default ecard: The difference between
your opinion and vodka
is that I asked for vodka. Quote on default ecard: I love cleaning up messes I didn't
make. That's why I
became a shelter

Quote on default ecard: Maybe instead of kissing
your ass, you should kiss
mine. After all, I'm the
one who's Irish. Quote on default ecard: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. 
But, what
around here
sure gets
quickly. Quote on default ecard: Emmmm.DONUTS ! 

Haven't seen a Quote on default ecard: I've put a lot of thought into it
and I just don't think that being
an adult is going to
work for me. Quote on default ecard:        WHILE LEAVING BALLGAME
(Officer) have you 
been drinking?

(Me) Yes, but I
assure you officer,
I can't afford to
get drunk there. Quote on default ecard: 

Life is too short, buy the

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Let me tell you.  I hate you so much
that if we were the last two people on
Facebook, I still wouldn't accept
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