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    Quote on eating ecard: Dear stomach,

You're bored, not
hungry so leave me
alone. Quote on eating ecard: I don't need a personal trainer.
What I need is for
someone to follow me
around and slap the junk
food out of my hands Quote on eating ecard: I'm not fat

I just have awesomeness
swelling up inside me. Quote on eating ecard: Hell is other people, before coffee. Quote on eating ecard: Dear stomach,

You're bored, not hungry
so shut up! Quote on eating ecard: For some reason, I only
remember that I'm trying to
lose weight after I've eaten 7
cookies Quote on eating ecard: Raising cookies that look like
chocolate chip cookies are
the main reason I have
trust issues Quote on eating ecard: I'm not hungry, but I am bored.

Therefore, I shall
eat! Quote on eating ecard: We should reconnect so
you can see that I'm not
fat anymore Quote on eating ecard: I am sorry, but you do not get to
choose off the Karma menu. 
You just get what is coming
to you.

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