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    Quote on default ecard: some people miss there
loved ones and friends
when they die but me
on the other hand is
happy to get them
out of my hair Quote on default ecard: Every girl wants a Quote on default ecard: When you see your
mans ex

upgraded! Quote on default ecard: May 18-24th blog &
fb page share.

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AllOverTheSpectrum Quote on default ecard: SOME NURSES STILL INSIST ON
THEIR DESK. Quote on default ecard: You should definitely check out the
new pegitboard app Quote on default ecard: Autism rates are very
alarming but even
more alarming are the
rates of ignorant
assholes. It can't even be
properly measured.

FB/autismwithaglassofwine Quote on default ecard: You're right, my hubby's 
head DOES look like it's 
almost twice the size of mine.

We are
children. Quote on default ecard: It's not like I make
money off my graphics,
but yes, recognition is
nice. Try using the
share button
would ya? It's called
common courtesy.
Try using it! Quote on default ecard: Follow your heart but don't
forget to take your
brain with you Quote on default ecard: I have to laugh at 
those who are 
going for gold 
in the Idiot and 
Ignorant Olympics.

No One Will Ever
Believe You: Autism Rants Quote on default ecard: Some people aren't just
missing a screw.  The
whole toolbox is can't be

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    Pegged March 22, 2015

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