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    Quote on default ecard: Every woman on earth
gave birth to a child,
Except my mother, she
gave birth to a
legend. Quote on default ecard: Marija: Ira, tko se danas udaje za
Generala Gorana? 
Ira: Tii Marija, ti!  
Marija: A znaš
da imamo i najzgodnijeg
Znaam :-) Quote on default ecard: Have you ever stepped on
the scale and wondered

'how the *#c% did that
happen?' Quote on default ecard: People ask me if I am always sarcastic.

Of course I'm not,
I am asleep.

fb/Autism and
Other Ramblings Quote on default ecard: Quote on default ecard: Yes I do have a beautiful

I also have a big gun,
a backhoe, some lime,
and a fucking alibi! Quote on default ecard: It's not plastic.  How does it work? Quote on default ecard: 
What have you done
for America Quote on default ecard: I once stayed in a 
motel that was so 
seedy, the Bible 
in the drawer 
only had seven 
commandments. Quote on default ecard: Government spying on
people they work for

People spying on
government that 
works for them
TERRORISTS.   Quote on default ecard: I always mean what I say. 

I may not always mean to
say it out loud, but I
always mean it Quote on default ecard: People need to quit 
hating on women who
breastfeed in public. 

I should be allowed 
to raise my cat 
however I want.

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    Gothic Trench Coat - Gothic Clothing - Gothic Leather Wagyu Ribeye Steak, 225g, Marble Score 4-5, 6-7,  8-9 & 10, Frozen logo-s-dee-schwarz, polo tshirts Quote on default ecard: I would really gladly appreciate it if you
would stop sending me
these FUCKING annoying
Facebook Game invites.
Ain't Nobody Got
time for that SHIT!!! Quote on family ecard: So, you think your kid
hearing you have
sex is the worst?
NOPE! Having your
kid run into the
room with a light
saber to save you
MUCH WORSE!!! Tobeco Turbo V2 Authentic RDA Medicus Dual-Hinged Training Clubs Mens Dual Hinge 5 Iron right Fellow Mormons laud Romney for raising church's profile <br> Mormon churchgoers on Sunday thanked Mitt Romney for raising the church's profile in his race for the White House and praised the Republican candidate's acceptance speech at a nominating convention in Tampa, Florida last week. Romney Quote on friendship ecard: You don't need a certain number of

You just need a  number of friends
you can be
certain of. Dickies Medical Uniforms unisex scrub pant Iran, North Korea sign technology agreement <br> Last and technology in violation of U.N. sanctions. Iran's state TV said the agreement was signed in Tehran in the presence of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and North Korea's nominal head of state, Kim Yong Nam, by Iran's Minister of Science New York Mets Pitcher Matt Harvey Dealing Undisclosed Medical Issue <br> Regardless if Matt Harvey misses opening day, the New York Mets trouble or the Mets arent being transparent about whats going on. I think its important that we see something.But seeing that the scare is more than 24 hours old, jokes


    Pegged February 15, 2015

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