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    Quote on default ecard: He said: Why do you have to wear a
bra?  You've got nothing
to put in it.

She said: You wear
pants, don't you? Quote on default ecard: I like skool, speciely wen its
clozed. Quote on default ecard: Autism dads don't have to
live vicariously through
their children. And,
yeah.that makes them
cooler than you. 

fb/All Over The
Spectrum Quote on default ecard: So if a redhead goes crazy, is it called
Ginger Snaps? Quote on default ecard: I meant to behave but
there were too many
other options Quote on default ecard: Why, yes!  I truly enjoy jumping
through hoops for you. 

That $2.53
commission makes 
everything worth it! Quote on default ecard: No one is better at Autism
Awareness than Santa.
As waiting in line to
see him,bright lights,
loud music and the
thought of him
makes the entire
mall autism aware. Quote on default ecard: 
Aucun appel ? Je
comprends. Aucun
message ? Je comprends.
Alors quand tu me vois
avec quelqu'un d'autre,
tu peux comprendre. Quote on default ecard: I prefer my own brand
of drama. Quote on default ecard: I wish losing weight was
like losing your virginity.
Once you lost it, you can
never get it back! Quote on default ecard: Trust me. No matter how
many times you ask. My
ASD child is not
going to look
directly at the
camera. Just take
the damn photo. Quote on default ecard: I'm not getting old. 

I'm getting better!

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    Pegged March 8, 2015

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