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    Europes biggest graffiti wall along tram station De Wand Marché de Noël de Bruxelles Nuestros Silencios by Rivelino in Brussels Louise Institut Royal pour Sourds Muets et Aveugles Parc Félix Hap Brussels under the snow Zinneke Parade Brosella Folk and Jazz Festival in Osseghem Park Tribute to Hergé fresco by Mezzo in Laeken Mural art at Place Poelaert

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    Steve Jobs Baader 2 Herschel prism for non compromised solar observation.  A new technology for light and heat absorption.  Includes 2 Solar Continuum filter.     The Baader Herschel prism's mode of operation     The sunlight enters the telescope unfiltered.  On the back side 4.6% of the light are deflected by 90 degrees.  The rest of the light is focused outside the Herschel prism.  This light's energy is very high and cannot be used for observation.     The Baader Cool Ceramic Safety Herschel Prism offers the best solution:     A special ceramic developed for space technology accepts the light energy without heating its environment so the prism housing can be kept closed and the risk of glare or fire is eliminated.     Easy positioning of the sun     A smart side effect of this ceramic screen is the possibility of centering the sun in the telescope easily.   Just place the sun spot in the middle of the ceramic screen and you can start observing     Both the Visual and the Photo version contain the same Herschel prism.  The difference lies in the different filter equipment.  The Visual model includes the 2 Neutral Density ND 3.0 and 2 Solar Continuum Filter.  The Photo version includes four 2 Neutral Density (ND0.6 / 0.9 / 1.8 / 3.0 and the 2 Solar Continuum Filter.     What kinds of telescopes can be used with the Herschel prism?     The Herschel prism is intended for frefractor telescopes without field flattener lenses on their back side.  The objective design (Doublet Triplet Air Spaced etc.) is not important.  For all other kinds of telescopes we recommend a standard aperture covered solar filter. Vehicle Lighter Adaptor. (12~24v DC)   Intelligent Chip prevents overcharging   LED Charge Indicator   Short circuit protection   Charge your phone on the go!   Full One Year Warranty   iso 9001 certified cellular phone chargers for your apple ipod mini cell phone at exclusive discount pricing. Transverse Abdominal Exercises For Core Strength & Stability Apple iPod Nano 3rd Generation Protector Case Faceplate   Protect and personalize the look of your iPod Nano 3rd Generation model cell phone with this attractive transparent smoke snap on protector Debora Campos swimwear 20 722x1024 t DEBORA CAMPOS SWIMWEAR PHOTOSHOOT 84th Academy Awards   02/26/2012 Part 3 FloRida  Good Feeling 2011 Hong kong is a crowd city, even swimming need to share the lane during APPLE IPOD mini SKINS:IPOD Diy 3d Glasses   Buy Diy 3d Glasses,Plastic 3d Glasses,Diy Frame 3d Volume Customize  Changer la couleur de la fenêtre Volume sur son Iphone


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