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    Quote on confession ecard: There is no life without water. That's
because without water,
there is no coffee.  And,
if there's no coffee, I'll
kill you all Quote on confession ecard: I have PMS and GPS

Which means I'm a bitch and
I will find you Quote on confession ecard: If you were my mom, I'd
still be breastfeeding Quote on confession ecard: Nothing is better than a glass of wine

Except a whole

The Real
Housewives of
Autism Quote on confession ecard: It's better to shut up and
give the impression that
you're stupid than to
say something and
erase all doubt. Quote on confession ecard: I meant to behave but
there were too many
other options Quote on confession ecard: Hell yea, I'm short.

God only let's things
grow until they are
perfect.  Some of us
don't take as long as
others Quote on confession ecard: I think my soulmate might
be carbs Quote on confession ecard: Did you know that 4
out of 3 people
struggle with math? Confession ecard: Happy Mother's Day.
I never asked to be born
so don't be surprised
that I expect pocket
money from you, for
the rest of your life. 
Here's some flowers. Quote on confession ecard: To us, drink responsibly means don't
spill it. Confession ecard: I asked God for a bike,
but I know God doesn’t
work that way. So I
stole a bike and asked
for forgiveness.

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