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    Quote on default ecard: He's not a real man until he pays child
support Quote on default ecard: If you send me a friends request
and your profile picture is of 
a car .
I am going to assume you are
a fucking
transformer. Quote on default ecard: Coming home to a tidy
house and my favorite
dinner- will enjoy this
while it lasts. 
To my hubby, Pankaj- I
am loving it.
Thanks. Quote on default ecard: WOOOHOOOO it's Friday,


GUARD! Quote on default ecard: 
Cheat on your boyfriend,
not on your workout! Quote on default ecard: Cheers MO FO

Its Friday Bitch! Quote on default ecard: “Don't take rest after your first victory
because if you fail in second, more lips
are waiting to say that your first
victory was just luck.” Quote on default ecard:                 
I don't know about you,
but I've thought about
running away more as
an adult than I did as a
child. Quote on default ecard: Having a child with autism
means not worrying about
someone breaking into
your home to steal your
stuff. Who would want
all this broken shit? 

fb/All Over The Spectrum Quote on default ecard: We spread a shitload of autism
awareness at the pool today. 

Quote on default ecard: 

napravim Roka slatko

:-) Quote on default ecard: A successful man is one
who makes more
money than his wife can

A successful woman is
one who can find such a

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    Drinking ecard: On some days, my head is filled with
such wild and original thoughts that I
can barely utter a
word. On other days,
the liquor store is
closed. preview Herbal Recovery Gel | Natural products Inova Microlight Personalised Silver Anniversary Champagne 1285773432_7 Quote on drunk ecard: Always buy more
alcohol than you think
you will need.

Better safe than
sober! Muntons Premium Gold - Smugglers Special Premium Ale Kit Tall Classic Lace-Up Boots Desks&Workstations: Bush Enterprise Collection Double Pedestal Desk Violet 2 Color Jammin Fitted Zip Up Hoodie See the Cast of ‘Pretty in Pink’ Then and Now


    Pegged October 9, 2015

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