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    Confession ecard: A Mistake increases your experience
& experience decreases your mistakes.
You learn from your mistakes then
others learn from your success. Confession ecard: Fact:
Mexico does not participate in the
Olympics because all the best
Mexican swimmers, runners and
jumpers live in
Quote on confession ecard: Women who don't wear
never get their panties in
a bunch Quote on confession ecard: I love waking up by your side.  You
turn dull moments into exciting ones. 
You've always been there
for me, iPhone. Quote on confession ecard: Every daily episode
of my life starts with 
a short recap and 
the voice over says,

Confession ecard: I wonder what the blood
alcohol level is of all these
mosquitoes that keep
biting me? Confession ecard: I'm not an alcoholic!

I'm a soperphobic Quote on confession ecard: The less you give a
damn, the happier you
will be Quote on confession ecard: I wish an hour with you lasted as long
as an hour at my job. Confession ecard: I get a lot of my cardio from speed
walking around the
house looking for
wine. Quote on confession ecard: I want to be the reason
you look down at your
phone and then walk
into a pole. We must believe in
luck. For how else
can we explain the
success of those we
don’t like?

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    Sweet Love Box DR500GW HD BlackVue WI-FI Dashcam  Free BlackVue Power Controller Quote on confession ecard: I never make the same
mistake twice.  I make
it 4 or 5 times, just to
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    Uploaded February 23, 2014

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