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    1. margaret margaret:
         "Gordon Ramsay's dwarf porn double found dead in a badger den in wales. lmfao"
    2. margaret margaret:
         "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle: sharing quote"
    3. margaret margaret:
         "Sweet dreams are made of cheese, who am I to diss a Brie, I Cheddar the world and the Fetta Cheese, Everybody's looking for Stilton"
    4. margaret margaret:
         "Run when you find out the cost of your ambulance ride"
    5. margaret margaret:
         "Are You From Japan ? Cause I’m Trying To Get In Japanties"
    6. margaret margaret:
         "cool pool dog ready to party and drink corona"
    7. margaret margaret:
         "Funny gas station sign: planning a high speed chase? You will need gas and snacks. Cops..."
    8. margaret margaret:
         "Real bear wants to play with a stuffer bear"
    9. margaret margaret:
         "What a beautiful sight to see you alive"
    10. margaret margaret:
         "This hat with this bracelet? bitch please girl"
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