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    1. jerome jerome:
         "eat dessert for lunch - why not?"
    2. jerome jerome:
         "tomorrow isn't a promise -- live for today"
    3. jerome jerome:
         "Happy girls are the prettiest"
    4. jerome jerome:
         "I believe in miracles beautiful pink banner"
    5. jerome jerome:
         "Grand cayman"
    6. jerome jerome:
         "Colorado Shooter James Holmes -- Rejected By 3 Women Before Massacre "
    7. jerome jerome:
         "To All Heavy Trucks:walk the bridge once then decide if you still want to drive over it. good luck lmfao"
    8. jerome jerome:
         "Helicopter deploying flares "
    9. jerome jerome:
         "Fed up with Goverment, Steals from small business owners"
    10. jerome jerome:
         "Shaq and his Human Sized Girlfriend - Dig Dang!"

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